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The Real Estate Home Staging School

The Real Estate Home Staging School ™
provides Home Staging Classes and Workshops

The Real Estate Home Staging School™ was founded in a desire to reach individuals interested in home staging and merchandising classes and/or building a home staging and merchandising business. Our goal is to provide our students with the most comprehensive Home Staging Business Training Classes and Services available today. Completion of our course enables a successful start-up, and a successful on-going business plan.

Many new home staging business owners are not ready for business yet, just as many homes are not ready for show yet! Product knowledge, in this case, knowing how to home stage, is not enough to meet your career goals. Concurrently, you need to have the ability to RUN the business of the company effectively.

Thus, The Real Estate Home Staging School ™ operates to educate homeowners, agents, builders/investors and others interested in the home staging field, providing the knowledge in our home staging classes needed to create a great product and effectively run the business.

Other training programs will try to WOW you with a list of all the “things” you will get when you sign up. Our students receive all of the items they need to obtain honest and effective skills and knowledge while building a strong business foundation. You are ready to succeed the minute you finish our course. Go to them, you get THEIR name on a free apron or some books. Come to us. Our “thing” is making you and your business operation a LIFETIME SUCCESS.
We do this by teaching you how to stage and merchandise so you can create the ultimate staging plans.

In 2009, 77% of buyers purchased their homes through a real estate agent or broker according to the NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. That survey details what sellers want from agents. They want an agent to price their home competitively, find a buyer, market the home, and sell within a specific time frame. The Real Estate Home Staging School ™, teaches you how to include merchandising skills in your home staging plan to enhance the agents marketing tools. Survey results published in 2010 by The Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sold 78% faster.

For more information visit: www.TheRealEstateHomeStagingSchool.com