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Market Ready Real Estate | Staging Career Center

Market Ready Real Estate

Market Ready Real Estate SCC Discount Code is SCC 

 14 day free trial, $19.95 month or discounted rate of $180/yr –
that’s 4 days more trial and $20 off the yearly version.

Do written home staging consultations take too long? With Market Ready Real Estate’s Online Consultation Report Program you’ll be able to increase your value to clients by providing a clear and consice written home staging report each time in only a few minutes! Still need more reasons to use our program?

1. Personalized Profiles – Upload your logo and contact information for easy, consistent and professional appearance.
2. Drop Down Menus – Our drop down and check box menus allow you to select exactly the recommendations you want for your report. Options that don’t apply, don’t appear in your report- making each consultation unique and personal.

Market Ready Real Estate

3. Add photos – Personalize your report and help your clients understand the recommended changes by including photos of the given spaces. No need to resize them, simply browse and upload. The program does the work for you!
4. Access via Internet – Access the Online Consultation Program anywhere you have internet for quick and easy report completion.
5 .There’s an app for that – Our consultation program works on your iPad or iPhone so you can create the report while you are doing your client walkthrough and presentation.
6. Save Time – This first ever Online Consultation Program saves you time allowing you to do more of what makes you money! Forget formatting and complicated layout creation. Creating a report is as quick and easy as checking boxes which means that you’ll be able to provide a full written consultation in only minutes instead of hours.
7. Deliver or Print via PDF – Convert your reports to PDF and save, print or email them directly to your clients. MRRE also saves them online for you so you’ll always be able to reference them. No more worrying about making copies or files. Click here to view a sample report.
Best of all, MRRE is affordable! With the ability to charge higher prices for written reports, while saving time and energy, it pays for itself in the first report.

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