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Efficiency/Organization Forms | Staging Career Center

Efficiency/Organization Forms

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Written Consultation Report/Pre-staging Instructions – Form comes with complete check-lists for each room. Option to insert photos to give instructions on furniture placement. Add on as many rooms as you need with simple copy and paste.  This is a perfect document that has already been started for you. You can input your logo, contact information in the footer, print it out and take it with you for a walk and talk consultation. Just check off which rooms need, cleaning, repairs, etc. If you want to add photos, then you do the check off portion at the home, then use that to fill in the blanks when you get home to add photos and written instructions. Delivered by Download in WORD so you can brand the document for your company.

This pre-made form will help simplify the process of providing a written detailed report to the homeowner either as a written consultation or as a set of pre-staging instructions.

Here are three unique ways that you can use this report:

As a written consultation:

Option 1: Complete the form by checking off the items you need the homeowner to address. During this visit, you can literally hand-over the form immediately after you’ve finished the consultation. Simply remove the “insert photos” and the “add directions” verbiage from all sections. Print the report and use it during your consultation.

Option 2:  The second option is to check off the items during the consultation and to take pictures of the areas (interior and exterior) that you know need their attention. When you return to your office, you can include these photos, as well as to add specific directions you need the homeowner to address.

As a pre-staging instructions:

Option 3: The third option is to use this form as a pre-staging checklist. Simply remove the “insert photos” and the “add directions” verbiage from all sections. Print the form and provide to the homeowner after the visit.

The project detail and initial contact form– is the perfect solution for keeping track of the information regarding a potential client and their home staging project. Keep their contact information and specific details about the project all on one form. This comes in a word document so you can brand the form to your company. You can add to it or delete what you don’t use. Staple to the inside of your projects file folder so it is always available.