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The Importance of Contracts

I couldn’t help but recall a situation I had with a stager I was working with on marketing and business consulting. She sent me all of her marketing materials, contracts, invoices, policies etc. I go over everything and I was amazed at how many “holes” their were in her contract. I had pointed out that she was really leaving herself open to all types of havoc because she was not having her contract clear on expectations, promises, deadlines and consequences. Her answer was “I don’t want to scare off potential clients” those things have not ever happened so why worry about it. I explained to her that a contract not only protects YOU the business owner it also protects your clients.  It is so important to have a good contract. By not having a clause in about any one of a particular issue you open yourself up for disappointment, and loosing money.   It is important for a contract to include but not limited to: Description of services: EXACTLY what you are going to do. List each room to be staged. Payment Expectations: When it is due, what it covers, renewal fees, rental fees, pick up and delivery, payment methods accepted, bounced check fees. Also, have the CC on file with a signature to bill and to bill for renewals. Cancellation Policy: How many days before staging is it ok to cancel? Do you have a deposit? Is that refundable? If they cancel X amount of days before the staging, do they pay a % of the staging fee? Do what works for you and what you feel is fair. Client Consent: Get...