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Marketing | Staging Career Center

How come some people can get free publicity and some can’t?

The answer is in understanding how to work with the media and understanding their needs. By understanding and complying with their needs, you too can get the publicity your chapter deserves. What does the Media want? NEWS News is… A first A trend Something unusual Celebrities Kids, dogs Human interest Charitable events What you can do? Create news that will interest the media. Understand your industry. Understand the reporter’s needs, do your homework. Understand the differences of TV, print, online. Contact the correct reporters that cover your area of needs. Don’t bother the sports reporter for a real estate piece. Practice before you talk to reporters!! Don’t Don’t say “no comment.” Repeat yourself constantly. Use slang. Ask to “go off the record”. Lie. Talk negative about competitors or other groups. Interview Checklist Anticipate key questions. Prepare key answers. Read up on some recent articles written by the reporter. Interviews are for gathering information. Reporters don’t care about you or your objective, they want news. Meet their deadlines, they are busy! When they tell you to get back to them by a certain time, get back to them earlier or they can move on and not include your news. If you are not prepared when they call you, politely ask if you can call them back, ask for their deadline and call them sooner. Build Credibility Build a relationship based on credibility. Don’t use tacky tactics. Be a resource they can depend on. If you annoy them and they see a press release or your name it will end up in the circular file. Remember The news is important to...